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Analytical Thinking and Innovation
Technology Design & Programming
Leadership & Social Influence
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Sustainability and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Industry Integrated Learning

Get immersed alongside academic learning with industry through live projects, masterclasses & workshops

Every successful person has a story to tell. We make sure these stories reach aspiring minds and give them the confidence to rise above the mundane, aim to make a difference and work with a goal in mind that will lead them to their dreams!

We have many associations with the best from the industry. These genius partners give our students' success stories brevity and measure. Their involvement, continuous feedback and recruitment opportunities make ATLAS a unique design destination for design learners.

Along with outside the class learning, every summer also opens up a world of experience for our learners.

Observership: between Semester 2 and 3. Initial exposure for students to gain first hand experience to professional practices, culture and behavior of the design industry.

Apprenticeship: between Semester 4 and 5. Intermediate training experience for students to pursue disciplinary opportunities.

Internship: between Semester 6 and 7.
Highly structured, formal, and collaborative development of students with an academic and industry mentor

Industry Immersion

Student Immersion Trips

Cultural Exchanges

Semester Exchanges

Summer Schools

International University visits, seminars and workshops

Global Immersions

Career Cafes and Fairs

Capstones and Projects

Internship and Placement